2020 Travel Plan Changes

2020 Travel Plan Changes

Well, 2020's not turning out as planned to put it mildly.  

The year started out fairly normal, I got back from what's become a yearly tradition of taking a solo cruise over Christmas and couldn't get my mind off of getting away again.  T00k a couple of weeks to decide what to do and ended up booking two trips to compliment this year's Christmas cruise (two weeks in the Caribbean).  The first was a two week trip to Morocco in May through Intrepid Travel, a company specalizing in small group tours.  The second was an Eastern Caribbean cruise out of Port Canaveral for my birthday in July.

Well, I'm not going to get into everything that's going on in the world, but needless to say, for very good reasons, the trip to Morocco is already canceled.  I give the July trip about a 15% chance of going, and Christmas will be about 50/50.  Honestly the only reason I haven't canceled July already is I've booked the flight already since I found an insane deal on a first class flight in Febuary.  Would prefer to not have to pay a penalty for doing a flight change if possible and Delta's only doing that through May right now.

I had been planning on starting to do live blogs of my trips, planning out what I wanted to do, but with that in flux for the moment, I'm going to start blogging anyways and give myself a bit of a head start on how to write.

While I may not be doing any traveling for the foreseable future, outside of the occasional trip to the grocery store that is, I want to start virtually exploring, figuring out exactly where I want to go, things I want to do, and how I can get there.  Some of what I hope to write about is how I'm searching for places, what I'm finding and thinking, and how I'll be able to budget to be able to afford these trips.  Figure this way I can keep myself occupied with things that I really enjoy thinking about and get into the hobby of keeping what's essentially going to be a written journal of what I'm doing or thinking about on a given day.

One of the first potential trips I might start planning for is my bucket list trip to Antartica. That's a $10k minimum trip by the time you take airfare into account...and that's sharing a room with someone.  Going to be interesting trying to figure out that one, and will likely require some sacrafices in other areas of my life and spending to be able to do it.  But come on, penquins, whales, and seals!