New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Every once in awhile I get the idea to start a blog, sometimes I do and lose track of posting on it shortly there after, sometimes I just don’t bother and move onto my next idea. Lately though, I’ve been feeling the urge to document my life more, mostly because looking back on a lot of experiences I’ve had I find it hard to recall all the details. Often times great memories are lost and I only have vague recollections.

One of the things I’m wanting to try is preserving those memories more, taking more photos of places I go, things and people I see. I’d like to be able to look back and have details instead of the vague impressions that I’m left with now.

I was going to make this a private thing, but I realized that one of my escapes in life is reading travel blogs, photography blogs, etc. Might as well make it public on the off chance that it can be of use to someone else too.

I’ll actually have two blogs going forward, one on my photography website that will focus mostly on BTS and planning for photo shoots, maybe some editing and such. This one will be much more wide ranging, and include random thoughts on my life, activities I take part in, photography experiments and anything that doesn’t fit into my main site, and once the world is back to semi normal, my travel adventures.

Let’s see where it takes us!