Personal Portraits - Collaborations

Personal Portraits - Collaborations

One of my favorite parts of portrait photography is the collaborative aspect of it, working with someone to bring out an aspect of their personality, something I see in them and that they feel in themselves.  I've decided to formalize the project a bit more and start working on a true artist artist statement to define it, and the direction I want to take it moving forward.

This is actualy harder than I thought it would be, I keep going off in different directions for my thought process.  The photo above is of Mar, it's reflective of the place she's at in her life and touches of her history, set in a space that's personal to her; specifically her bedroom.

One of my first thoughts was that doing an entire series of people in their bedrooms or other personal spaces would be a great way to tie the series together.  This might still be an idea that I want to do at some point, but it seems overly limiting and not really my style totally.  I tend to do more stylized photogrpahy, trying to go down the path of a slightly surreal look with some elements of baroqe paintings.

I also don't want to go down the path of the "Portraits of Resilliance" series again, interviewing people and then designing the photos based on those.  I'd like it to be a truly collaborative series, just done in the style I want.  

I'm really not sure where this series is going to lead, but I'll figure it out eventually.