Plan changes

Plan changes

Well, I should be sitting in the spa on the Harmony of the Seas right now enjoying a pedicure before heading to then muster drill.  Alas, plans change and few people would have predicted a global pandemic back in January when I booked this.

At the time at the time I was fresh off of a cruise on the Norwegian break away and I wasn’t prepared to wait for almost an entire year before going on vacation again. So I decided to book a cruise for the summer, even though prices during the summer are much more expensive than I’m typically willing to spend, I was kind of OK with it because I found  a great deal on this week and I only turn 40 once. I might as well do something I’m really going to enjoy.  Two days at Kennedy Space Center and a week in the Caribbean seemed like exactly the thing to do.

When COVID-19 first hit I figured this cruise is probably going to be out of bounds, even if things were under control there’s no chance that we’re going to be able to sail by then.  I did still have some hope for my December cruise though, that is rapidly fading as we see how things are progressing.

The response in the United States so far frankly boggles my mind. I can’t believe that we are at the point right now where wearing a mask to protect not just ourselves, but everybody else is a question of politics.

There’s enough that’s been written and said in a multitude of other places about this and I want to avoid this turning into a rant for right now. Instead going forward I think I’m going to focus on trying to plan my different vacations. Write a bit about the research I do, how I organize, how I decide, and how I plan on where I want to go. maybe start to touch on minimalism and how it impacts the choices that I making in packing, or the choices that I’m trying to make on downsizing my life in general. More than anything though I think I just want to start writing a little bit more. Hopefully just this process of trying to get everything onto paper, organizing my thoughts into a readable format, will help me with decisions.